katrisha glass

Katrisha Glass, shown her coaching during last year's state tournament, is now the school's athletic director. 

When Katrisha Glass was an 18-year old freshman at the University of Tennessee in 2003, her plan was to become a physical therapist. 

She eventually changed her major to education and became a teacher and coach at Covington High School, her alma mater. Now she's also the school's athletic director, a job she got over the summer. 

"I definitely would not have believed them," Glass said when asked what she would have thought if somebody told her 18-year-old self that she was going to become an athletic director. "But since I am I plan on doing the best I can for the coaches. Being a coach allows me to see and understand what the coaches want and the support they need. This gives me the opportunity to give them that from the administrative standpoint."

Glass' Covington roots run deep.

She was the starting point guard for the Covington 2002 team that advanced to the state tournament. After she graduated from UT she became a teacher at Covington and has been at the school for 11 years. She started her coaching career as an assistant Covington softball coach under Martha Lawler and later became an assistant girls' basketball coach for Deon Real, a position she held for three seasons. 

Glass became Covington's girls' head basketball coach six seasons ago and led the program to its fourth state tournament appearance last season. Her career head coaching record is 111-55 and she was named the TSSAA Female Coach of the Year for the 2018-19 school year. 

It's been a big year for Glass. A couple of months before being named athletic director she gave birth to her first child, a son. 

Glass will keep coaching the Covington girls' basketball team. She believes her coaching experience will serve her well as athletic director. 

"My biggest thing is to make sure the coaches just focus on coaching where they don't have to worry about all the paperwork. That's where I step in," Glass said. "Being visible in the community is also important. We want the parents to know we want to give them the best quality athletes we can."

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