What if ... many changes were made to help all of our society, instead of just benefiting a few?  What if … Our United States of our America stopped sending money overseas to foreign countries, supposedly to maintain good relations?  What if ... we sent my Southern Country farmers crops overseas, instead?  What if ... the countries couldn’t use our money we send to buy merchandise from other overseas countries?

What if ... crop prices increased in Charleston and instead of sending money, make the U. S Department of Agriculture buy my dear farmers’ crops.  Instead, send cotton for clothes, corn and beans for nourishment.  My farmers should get the money as deserved.  Presently, my hardworking farmers can’t make a decent living and that is why over 21,000 farmers gave up the ghost last year.  The guv’mint, which is actually us, desperately needs to take care of all the hardworking farmers first and foremost.

What if .... we didn’t have hospitals filled to the brim with ‘pore’ ole sick folks?  What If...we could empty the hospitals beds and fill the church pews?

What if ... we could take all the convicts out of the warm, soft feathery beds and make ’em clean out ditches, whack down fence rows and build roads.  Sho’ would save the tax payers a lot of money.  These criminals have broken laws against decent folks and yet they are treated like nobility.  What If...the lawyers that defend these criminals had to go before the judge at sentencing?  What If...the convict and lawyer have to serve the same amount of time?  Do you think this would cut down on lawyer advertising?

What if ... politicians were held accountable for what they say they will do, when elected?  If not completed, chunk ’em out of office.  Of course, politics are just like wood ticks, dog ticks, and seed ticks.  They are all the same...Yep, just plain old parasites.

What if ... the lawmakers, who make laws on how to run a school system, had to raise curtain climbers to obtain a first hand experience?  What if ... the same law enactin’ folks had to teach school before their laws were enacted?  What if ... after teaching experience these self glorified law makers might be qualified to enact some workable laws.  I bet some changes would be made for the better.

What if ... a man that could work, still would!  A woman that could cook, still would!  Don’t you know that gullies would be full of microwaves.  What if ... country music sounded like it should, and did, many years ago.  Not like some hoot owl chasing a squawkin’ chicken through a blackberry thicket as it today.  What if ... a person was judged on talent, whether singin’, movies, art or whatever gift the Good Lord bestowed upon them, instead of looks, politics or connections?  There would be some changes immediately, if not yesterday!

What if ... the school system and the parents agreed there would be no discipline problems.  The teacher could teach and the parents would make their little tree benders behave.  What if ... a good whooping at school, followed by one that afternoon could mean some kids might be reminded how to “ack-rite”.  Now it’s SUE everybody, if you ‘touch’ my little angel with pointed horns and a floppin’ cape.

What if ... hog and cattle prices rose to reasonable rates?  What if ... the agriculture department in Washington guv’mint had to explain how a “pore” farmer can sell hogs for 40 cents a pound, yet we have to pay $5 a pound for pork chops at the sto’.

Neighbor, these problems have been created by skullduggery and some carpet baggery, greedy individuals.  What the world needs now is more compassion, caring and love for our fellowman.  Proudly I recommend appointing all Redneck Southerners to run the world as my people have inherited those unique ideals.  Now we got a Happy New Year!

American By Birth And Southern By The Grace Of God … GLORY!

Otis Griffin is the author of the book “Southern Raisin.”  He was born in  Charleston, Tenn., and attended Rosemark Grammar School and Bolton High School. For more from Griffin, log on to shakeragproductions.com.

Jeff Ireland is The Leader's sports editor. To contact him, call 901-476-7116 or email jireland@covingtonleader.com.​