It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon! It’s been great outside since the cold front came through and brought cooler temps and lower humidity. 

This week’s Farm Report:  We are waiting for soybeans to get ready. Corn shelling is still going on around the county.  I haven’t seen any cotton being picked but it is beautiful this year!

We had Caroline Wednesday and she is so easy to keep now – just plays and entertains herself! Mary and Jerry Ward dropped by and brought us lots of tomatoes – we’d been out for weeks! And Caroline’s other grandad, Jimmy Gurley, came that afternoon to finish the shower and to fix a broken sink drain. He’s the best! 

I went to Lyla’s softball game in  Atoka Thursday night and she got a home run and made a double play. They squeaked by, winning 14-13.  Afterward, we had pizza and strawberry cake for my birthday and Clint, Courtney and Caroline joined us. I had a great night!

Friday night, that little rascal got two home runs and two doubles and they won big time – 16-4!

We just got home, stuffed, from a big Friends and Family Day at the Covington Church of Christ. We had a big crowd – 272, to be exact, and lots of good food at the potluck. It was a great day with Tom Childers speaking on the history of the church He’s a historian on all the churches in West Tennessee, so he spoke my language – I’m our church historian. No service this evening so I’m going to put Halloween decorations out, this being the first day of October! Yay!

On our prayer list are Paulette Watkins, Houston Hall, son of Haley and Shane, Wendall Hall, Cindy Clark, both having surgery, Sandra Langston, Donna Sonwineski and so many friends and relatives of our members and all of our servicemen and women.

Sympathy is extended to Helen Kennedy in the death of her nephew, Timmy Smith and to Ron Sutton in the death of his mother, Elouise Matthews. These families are in our prayers. And I heard this morning about Becki Dunavant Coulston passing away. I’m so sorry and prayers go out for James Michael and all the family. We’ve lost the sweetest person!

There will be a clothing giveaway, Saturday, Oct. 14! Free clothes!

Middle School Devo at the Matlocks on the 8th and fall break is next week!

Happy birthday this week goes to Matt Higgins and Carmen Starck on Oct. 2, to Becky Todd on the 3rd, to Ryan Hodge and Russ Hodge on the 4th, to Diane Nutt on the 5th and to Clint Watkins on the 6th!

Happy birthday at Clopton United Methodist Church to Jesse Boland on Oct. 1, to Josephine Waits on the 3rd, to Becky Delashmit on the 4th, to Cara Nelson on the 5th and to Ryan Bailey and Sharon Hardy on the 6th!

This week’s Farmer’s Almanac Quote: “It is bad luck to put your right shoe on your left foot.” And it’s uncomfortable too! 

Enjoy the weather!

Until next week . . .

Lisa DeLancey is a staff writer for The Leader, focusing on education. She is a 2016 graduate of The University of Memphis.