It’s so warm on this Sunday night, a storm must be brewing – it’s 74 degrees at 10 a.m. We got .12 inches of rain so far this month and more cold weather is coming later in the week.

This week’s Farm Report:  As of Thursday, Nov. 2, we are officially through! The combine is in the barn! There are a lot of cotton and soybeans still in the field, and with three days of possible rain coming in, I pray for patience for the farmers. We know how it is!

Halloween was a messy rainy night, but Lyla and Abbi Ralph, both dressed in Peaches softball outfits, came by, got their share of candy and played in the playhouse. Caroline came by with a “Gecko” (character) from “PJ Masks” TV show costume and then Clint and Courtney carried her to see Catherine McCalla.

No wonder James has had back pain for a while – he went by Beasley Chiropractic Friday and Clint Rogers found he had trouble with a rib. He sure felt better when he left there!

On our prayer list at the Covington Church of Christ are Charles Yoakum, Sandra Langston, Mary Jean Stockton, Kelley Melton, Tina Whaley and Cindy Clark, all out of the hospital; Linda Kimbrough, eye surgery; Houston Hall and Jackson Hughey are in everyone’s prayers as well as many other friends and relatives of our members and all of our servicemen and women.

Sympathy is extended to Joyce Scott in the death of her aunt, Elaine Sain and to Richard Langston and family in the death of his brother, Bill. These families are in our prayers.

CIA group, the younger children, go to Atoka to play miniature golf Sunday the 12th.

Happy birthday this week goes to Palmer Hobson and Terry Wall on Nov. 5, to Emma Cates and Jerry Gatlin on the 6th, to Marlene Brown on the 7th, to Faye Shankle on the 9th, to Debbie Otts on the 10th and to Brock McMahan on the 11th!

Happy anniversary to Chris and Trudy Max and to Clint and Courtney Watkins on Nov. 9.

Happy birthday at Clopton United Methodist Church to Norman Hickman on Nov. 6, to Kendale Lyles and Michele Seay on the 10th, to Jonathan Wright on the 11th and to Bob Harman on the 12th!

Clopton thanks everyone who helped with Trunk or Treat – about 100 children, youth and adults had a great time! Congratulations to Zach Dickinson, who was written up in The Leader as a Brighton football player!

The sermon series on the stained glass windows will continue through November and next Sunday’s features the cross.

Veterans Sunday will be observed on the 12th. The November Potluck will be a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Ham and turkey provided; bring veggies, salads and desserts on the 19th.

This week’s Farmer’s Almanac Quote: For Veterans Day, Nov. 11 – “Before 1954 it was known as Armistice Day.” Sa-lute to all you veterans!

Put a log on the fire in a few days – it will feel good!

Until next week . . .

Lisa DeLancey is a staff writer for The Leader, focusing on education. She is a 2016 graduate of The University of Memphis.