I am writing on a late Monday morning. We had Caroline yesterday while Clint and Courtney were at a wedding in Alabama over the weekend. Clint ended up being best man when they arrived because the groom’s brother had had an aneurysm and couldn’t fly in!

They celebrated their fourth anniversary with the trip and got here at 4 p.m. to pick Caroline up, who was very happy to see them. She is very easy to keep – just plays and entertains herself, or sits in my lap and watches TV.

Elizabeth and Lyla visited Wednesday night and she came in with her arms full of toys Lyla had outgrown for Caroline. So that got me going Thursday and I cleaned out their playroom, Liz’s old room, and put up things both of them have outgrown. So now new ones for Caroline are put out. And with softball over, I got to pick them both up Thursday and we visited Catherine McCalla!

We’ve been covered up with doctor visits lately. James has been going to Beasley Chiropractic for his back and seeing Clint Rogers. I got a cortisone shot in my hip last week in Memphis and it’s better, but I’m opposed to have knee replacement and am going to the Stem Cell Seminar at Beasley’s on the 27th to check into that. Plus, I have a heart doctor appointment this week and an MRI on my knee.

On our prayer list at the Covington Church of Christ are all the recent ones, plus Shirley Weir, Shelby Blair, Billy Chapman, Paulette Watkins, Sandra Langston, Billy Kidd, Linda Kimbrough, Tina Whaley, Houston Hall and Jackson Hughey and all of our servicemen and women.

The Birthday Party at River Terrace will be on the 18th at 2 p.m., devotional at Covington Care on the 19th at 4 p.m. with a middle school lock-in that night at church.

Happy birthday this week goes to Frank Brown and Jackson Robinson on Nov. 12, to Heath Hoffman on the 13th, to Matthew Coats, Barbara Johnson, Ben Evans and Michelle Nowak on the 15th and to Allison Cates and Jacob Fowler on the 16th!

Happy anniversary to Bryce and Lauren Mosley on Nov. 16 and to Craig and Teri Robinson and to David and LaDonna Nance on the 18th!

Happy birthday at Clopton United Methodist Church to Nell Zenar on Nov. 13, to Martha Useleton on the 14th, to Joe Kelly Morgan on the 16th, to Bill Wallace on the 19th and to Madalyn Twisdale and Tabitha Warren on the 20th and to Carolyn Patrick on the 21st!

November Potluck on the 19th will be a Thanksgiving meal. See Dee Reynolds if you can help with the turkeys. Bring veggies, salads, bread and desserts to the potluck.

The women of the church are selling poinsettias for $10 to decorate the sanctuary for Christmas. See Marion Davis for details.

This week’s Farmer’s Almanac Quote: “A half-teaspoon of canned pumpkin mixed into cat food once daily can help alleviate hair balls.”

And on that note, Happy Turkey Day!

Until next week . . .

Lisa DeLancey is a staff writer for The Leader, focusing on education. She is a 2016 graduate of The University of Memphis.