It’s a very warm  Sunday afternoon (again.) I had just gotten used to 70s for highs and started fall decorating and now it’s summer again! But it looks like 70s will be here again soon!

This week’s Farm Report:  We are shelling corn. It looks like rain two or three days later in the week so we won’t get through, but got a good start. Cotton looks good and soybeans are turning yellow in almost all the fields now. We got 1.29 inches of rain from Irma last week, making the total for September 2.16 inches.

I picked Caroline up Thursday and we stopped by to see the queen of Mt. Carmel, Catherine McCalla. We found her wearing sunglasses, as she is having trouble with her eyes. I sure hope she gets better soon!

Caroline was eating her supper in her high chair shortly after we got home and, well, let me describe our kitchen first before I go on.

We built our house in 1983, when wallpaper was all the rage. We papered the kitchen, dining room and both baths when we built.

The kitchen is on its third layer of paper and it’s chicken wire with lots of chickens on the border. Chip and Joanna Gaines would surely call it the “Chicken House!” So Caroline is looking around the room up toward the ceiling., twists around in her chair and looks behind her. Then says, “Hmmm. Chickens!” It cracked me up!

Elizabeth and Lyla have both been sick but were well enough to visit Friday night for a while. I’ve been missing them!

On our prayer list at the Covington Church of Christ are Paula McLean, Tina Whaley, Bobby Curtis and so many friends and relatives of our members and all of our servicemen and women.

Sympathy is extended to Joyce Scott in the death of her uncle, Travis Sain, to Rosie Barnes in the death of her son-in-law, Ken Gray, and to Tonya Stanley in the death of her uncle, Jerry Downing. Prayers for all these families.

The birthday party at Covington Care will be at 2:30 p.m. on the 23rd. 

Happy birthday this week goes to Chloe Coughlan, Thomas Nance and Preston Stanley on Sept. 17, to Hope Collins on the 20th, to Brandon Matlock and Jake Morgan on the 22nd and to Luke McMahan on the 23rd!

Happy birthday at Clopton United Methodist Church to Zach Dickinson on Sept. 18, to Hadley Carver and Shirley Warrick on the 19th, to Lana Johnson and Rebecca Kendall on the 22nd and to Anne-Ashton Moore on the 23rd!

Don’t forget Heritage Festival is Sept. 21-23 – this week! I will be at the Tipton County Museum signing books Friday from 5:30 – 7 p.m. Come see me!

This week’s Farmer’s Almanac Quote:  “Press your nail into a pumpkin’s skin. If it resists puncture it is ripe.”

And it’s time for pumpkins! Friday the 22nd is the Autumnal Equinox! Yay!

Until next week . . .

Lisa DeLancey is a staff writer for The Leader, focusing on education. She is a 2016 graduate of The University of Memphis.