Best wishes to the mature adults among the Hillary Clinton supporters.  I respect the class and integrity  you have expressed since the election.  Believe me, I know the painful realization of political loss.  I felt the same pain in 2008 and even worse pain in 2012 when political correctness renewed the lease on the White House to an arrogant tenant.  His most notable quote, “elections have consequences,” is probably the most divisive, yet motivational, theme for the political success the Republicans now enjoy.

During that time I received  a bumper sticker (from my daughter) with only these letters “IGTBOK”.  It’s meaning - “It’s going to be OK” -  helped me tremendously.  To my friends who didn’t support Donald Trump, I earnestly forward that meaningful message - “IGTBOK.”  Also, to the many immature adults of Hillary’s Camp goes a message of encouragement to grow up and join the real world.  This message, a poetic scolding, is directed to the brain-washed professors and their misguided mal-informed students of liberal academia; Democrats and Republicans of the D.C. establishment; the self-appointed political-mentors of the entertainment industry; and to the mal-practicing journalists of the news media. 

Hopefully, this poem, entitled Deplorables, will be put to music by a singing group called The Deplorables to give significance to Mrs. Clinton’s profiling Trump supporters as deplorable.  Proceeds from this effort will be used to provide pacifiers, Kleenex, silly putty and other comfort items for those millennials who have never experienced anything of a negative nature in their utopian life style. 

Our goal for these snowflakes and buttercups is the true American spiri,t which requires common sense, an open mind, respect for others and a sense of humor.

To the adorables from the deplorables I send at this time a message in rhyme.

After a decade of doubt,

the truth is now out.

We’ve been led by less than a leader,

hope and change finally came,

with the election campaign,

by a man with a plan,

and clever use of the “tweeter.”

This man named Trump pledged from the stump,

to rid D.C. of P.C.,

while draining the corruptive swamp.

Dems and nay-sayers felt victory was their’s,

but the best they could do,

was “you-know-who” without qualifications,

but who cares?

Her claim to fame is only her name,

but P.C. folks declared she was due.

The press said “yes, no one can defeat her,”

but Donald J. Trump,

this man on the stump,

assured us he would beat her.

While the media laughed,

and politicians gaffed,

he gathered the silent ones behind him

A statesman, at last!  

unlike recent past.

Unkind critics still trying to define him,

with facts at hand like a good business man.

He cut through her political composure,

her defoctive past, her lack of class,

he easily exposed her.

When the numbers came in,

it was definitely a win,

a mandate, no doubt

the deplorables’ selection,

had won the election,

the might Hillary had struck out.

So, snowflakes behave,

our nation is saved!

And now, by-and-large,

adults are in charge.

Welcome back to the home of the brave!

While Hollywood elites are gnashing their teeth,

‘cause we the people have spoken,

politicians are crying,

pundits are lying,

the political establishment is broken,

the flame of hope ignited,

a movement is excited,

people are thrilled by promises fulfilled,

and encouraged to be united.

For greatness to regain,

three options remain,

and we patriots can carry the load.

Bluntly speaking,

the options we’re seeking are:  

Help lead, follow

or get out of the road!

Bill Wallace  


Jeff Ireland is The Leader's sports editor. To contact him, call 901-476-7116 or email​