On last Friday evening, I attended a one-night revival at North Star and Pastor Miller and first lady Dorothy Miller of Memphis. Guest speaker was Pastor Pearl Lurry of Vision Temple in Memphis, a divine sermon of God as well as a prophetess, she is truly allowing God to use her with such an amazing gift and on Friday, as always, she was awesome.

A nice repast was served downstairs afterwards. This was a full three-day weekend for Pastor Miller Sr. and North Star. With a full-fledged, all-out yard sale on the church’s campus on Saturday and then an outside church service followed by a community church picnic which I, along with everyone, thoroughly enjoyed. Rev. Miller’s mother, Dollie Cummings of Memphis, is the minister of music at the church and she was on-hand for the entire weekend’s event. Rev. Miller’s father is one of their trustees, along with Mrs. Izola Bradford, he’s from Jamestown, Mrs. Bradford and her husband, Lester, live in Millington.

The kitchen committee, Mr. Richard and wife Denise Westbrooks, minister Lynn, Shelby Posey and all of the entire staff did an outstanding, three-day job! North Star is located at 3966 Frayser-Raleigh Rd, in Memphis .

The shower for Princess and Princeton Stone and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Darren and Daniela Stone of Memphis, came off without a hitch at my home Saturday afternoon in Jamestown. With my sister’s help, Pastor O. Pearl Andrews, Pam Springfield and Annette Lake, we did it very, very well. This was also with the special “games referee” Pastor Pearl’s sister-in-law from Ripley, Kim Andrews, all of the ladies and a few gentlemen, truly had loads of good fun, including the new parents who took home loads of beautiful gifts. 

The twins are so cute, they slept through it all, except for diaper changes and  bottle feedings. Two special guests were my cousins Alma Dye of Jamestown and Earline Lawrence, formerly of Detroit, and now she and her husband James are house hunting in and around the area. 

Welcome back home to Earline and husband, James, and happy home hunting!

A three-date fall revival will be at God’s Grace Gospel Church Oct. 3-5 with speaker Pastor Daryl Wynn of Mt. Zion Church in Covington. Services begin at 7 p.m. nightly, public’s invited.

Every Wednesday evening from 6-7 p.m. Bible Study will take place with teachers, Pastor Andrews and Pastor Kevin King Jr, who is pastor at New Hope Church in Burlison. Public is invited.

The 1967 class from George R. Ellis’s 50th reunion is Oct. 14 at the Baker Center in Millington. Your contacts for this event are Georgia Smith and Rhonda Gail Heaston McLin.

“Family and Friends Day” will be observed with our Burton family siblings in Oakland at the home church of one of our brothers, Jeremiah and his wife, Cindy Burton, Cleaves Memorial Church, now of Covington, on the fifth Sunday on Oct.29, we will be honoring our late mother, Mrs. Josephine Burton while there.

Happy birthday to John Burton and Pastor John Nabors on Sept. 21 and to Lena Bell and Derek Burton on Sept. 30.

Our prayers are with Marcus Talbots family on the loss of their brother last week, Mary Delaine Baker’s family, she passed away last week, Ruth Sherrill Jr., Robin Sherrill, Mary Burton, Judy Sherfield, John Jones Sr., Mary Ballards, Gigi Baker, Jessie Lawson, Flossie Woods, Beaulah Wakefield, Doris King, Rudolph Boykins, Connie Brown and Christine Armstrong, Amos Miller Brown and Christine Armstrong, Amos Miller Sr. and family, Chuck and Norma Baker Lyte and their mother Mama Lyte who is 100 years young. Also, keep Taylor Evans in our prayers, she’s recovering from an auto accident from a few days ago, she’s the granddaughter of my sister Pam Springfield, whose husband Glenn is also recovering, he’s been under the weather a few weeks now. Taylor’s mom and dad are Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Talbot of Millington.

This is it for now.

Remember, “When we can not hear God speaking to us, it’s time for us to be quiet and listen to his voice!”

Lisa DeLancey is a staff writer for The Leader, focusing on education. She is a 2016 graduate of The University of Memphis.