It was another long weekend for our family with hospital stays in the ICU waiting room at Baptist Walnut Grove on Thursday.

My uncle “Pink” Nathaniel Sherrill Jr. gave us “touch and go” for a while and on Friday morning God’s healing powers intervened. He is moved to the fifth floor there and talking again, along with watching T.V. Continue to keep him and our family in prayer. God’s still in control and the healing business!

On Saturday afternoon, my sister, O. Pearl Andrews, who is also my pastor, and I made a brief stop to see Mrs. Juanita Ford. Most of her children were there. I met her son and classmate of Rev. Andrews, Dennis Ford, now of Kentucky. Also, I chatted with his sister-in-law Ida Ford from Bartlett, who was on the birthday committee. She was surprised my cousin Sandra was the one who got her there. Also, I saw Gloria Exum, one of my high school alums from George Ellis; it was good seeing her again.

On Sunday at God’s Grace Gospel Church we celebrated Pastor O. Pearl Andrews 10th anniversary in the ministry with a 2 p.m. celebration, Special guest speaker was Pastor Marvin Hall from Greater St. Luke in Jackson. Wow! Special guests were Pastor Steven Miller Sr., from North Star in Memphis, pastors Gary and Lawrence Andrews from Ripley, Pastor Kevin King Jr. from New Hope M.B. Church in Burlison, Pastor Gary Sanders from Bright Hill M,B. in Jamestown, Minister Rodger Sherrill from Jackson, Rev. James Lawrence from Bright Hill M.B. and Mins. Cecelia Smith from Atoka. Special guests soloist from North Star, Ms. Debra Bell sang “Holy Is the Lamb.” Master of ceremony was our brother, retired Sgt. Timothy Burton Sr. from N.C., who did an outstanding job. Minster of music at GGGC, Michael Andrews did an outstanding talk on what it takes to be a young Christian today. Pastor Andrews’ very special guest was her husband of 30 years, Minster Romel Andrews, his mother, Mamie Andrews of Covington, and his sister Kim Andrews of Ripley. A special thanks goes to our kitchen committee, Celia Lake and her brilliant kitchen crew for a wonderful job! Congratulations and many more years on your gospel journey, Pastor O. Pearl Andrews!

George R. Ellis Alums will do a picnic styled tail-gate at Centennial Park in Millington on June 30, 2018, behind the YMCA. Pack all of your picnic goodies and your grills, but no beers. For more information, contact Jessie Cook at 901-649-3940.

On our prayer list are, Ruth Alston, Theron Alston, Lela Mason, Jessie Gwen Cook (who lost her mom last week), minster Nathaniel Sherrill Jr., Terrance “T” Sherrill, Clyde Cook, the Grigg family, Jessie Lawson, Flossie Woods, Doris King, Amanda Gray, Carolotta Jones, Mary Burton, Florence Trent, Mildred and Robin Sherrill, Ralph and Glo Dean Davis, Fletcher Dickerson Sr., Beaulah Wakefield, Mary Ballard, Mama Lyte, Doris DeBerry, Rudolph Boykins, Rhonda Heaston McLin and family, Christine Brown and Connie Brown.

Happy birthday to Juanita Ford, Aaron Brown and Deacon Willie Farrow. 

That is all for now. Remember things to be thankful for! “Be thankful for that flashlight in the drawer.”

Happy Thanksgiving! My “be thankful list” goes on and on and on; God is so good in my life, I can’t thank Him enough!

Until next time. 

Lisa DeLancey is a staff writer for The Leader, focusing on education. She is a 2016 graduate of The University of Memphis.