Hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and got all that they wished for from Santa?

As for me, even though I was nice all year, I didn’t get all of my gifts from Santa? What I did get I am extremely thankful for. Good health with family and friends in my life, which gives me a very rich and a full life. 

Being a widow now leaves me feeling blue, especially at this time of the year. Once you’ve had a great love in your life it’s pretty hard to fill up those shoes. But someday, if it is God’s will for me, those shoes will once again be filled with a special place there just for me!

Enough of this. Sitting in my den writing my column in front of a nice cozy fire has gotten me in a nice mood. Now for our news!

On Friday evening with rain pouring down up upon us, me and my aunt LaRue Albritton made our way to St. Mark (“The Saint”) on Wilkinsville Road at 7 p.m. Pastor Allen Redwell Jr. and St. Mark’s awesome male chorus and adult choir outdid themselves with a spectacular performance celebrating their annual Christmas Castanda, which was streamed live. 

It was a beautiful program: “Celebrate Christ.” There was a repast before the program began. 

Special guests for this event were soloist Mrs. Tamera Sneed Foote, instrumentalist (sax) maestro Tommie Currie and special musical group (family) Pastor Mario Hayslett of Ripley. 

The St. Mark Kingdom Builders presented a lovely skit called “The Little Drummer Boy” and St. Mark’s Ambassadors for Christ presented a lovely praise celebration. 

Mrs. Irene Harvey, with United Voices of St. Mark choirs, brought the finale “Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child.” Pastor Redwell closed out the prayer and inspirational words to live by at Christmas, as well as all year. 

It was indeed an evening to remember. All of the rain did not hinder this event one bit. Ushers and members at “The Saint” and outstanding Pastor Allen Redwell did this year’s event proud!

Then on Sunday morning Minister Michael Andrews brought his first sermon in morning worship hour at God’s Grace Gospel Chuch in Jamestown. His subject: no higher faith, I John 5. 

Afterwards, I attended service at my former church, which is North Start in Memphis with Pastor Steven Miller Sr. His family is my family as we are cousins. It was my goal, seeing them all again. 

Sunday evening I enjoyed a lovely Christmas feast at the lovely home of my niece, JaCinta Jones, and husband, John Jones Sr., and their sons, Tyler and John Jr.

There was family, gifts and games afterwards, which everyone enjoyed. I got several lovely gifts. My sister and pastor, Pearl Andrews, husband Minister Romel, daughter Ashley and sons Xavier and Michael were there. Also present were Annette Lake, daughter Erica, husband Anton and their son, Aziah. Also there were Anton’s mom, Judy Sherfield, sister Pam Springfield, her daughter and son-in-law Marcus and Stacey Tolbert and daughters Daisha and Taylor, and my nieces and the family of April Sherrill. My brother dropped in from Memphis, David and his wife, Pam Burton, and daughters Chelsha and Kelsha, along with a friend Lil J’s from the home. 

Christmas morning I had a lovely breakfast at IHOP in Millington with my children, Minister Willie Tate, daughters and family, Pricilla Tate and her son Chris and her fiancé, Fred Gatewell. They will marry in April. He’s a doll and a nice keeper also. 

After a nice to-go plate from Aunt LaRue and Aunt Florence’s kitchen, I now sit writing my column. 

Keep in prayer Ralph and RaLonda Davis, LaRue Albritton and the King family, Flossie Woods, Jessie Lawson, Mary Burton, Ruth Alston, Theron Alston, Lela Mason, Clyde Cook, Doris DeBerry, Amanda Gray, Judy Sherfield, Connie and Christine Brown, Terrance “T” Sherrill, Minister Pink Sherrill Jr., Mary Ballard, John and Cleo Thompson, Rudolph Boykins and Rhonda Heaston McLin and family. 

Happy birthday this week to Flossie Woods and Lucille Burton Wright on the 25th and to all enjoying a birthday this month. 

On June 30, 2018 the Geo. R. Ellis alumni of Munford will have a tailgate picnic at Centennial Park behind the Millington YMCA. Bring all your food and games. No beers allowed in the park. For more information, the contact is Jessie Cook, not Jessie Cox, which was a typo. The number is 901-649-3940.

All for now. Remember, “Always keep a smile on your face because if it’s in your heart, it’ll always be a much nicer smile!” 

Until next year! Happy New Year. Thanks for reading me and keep me and my family in your prayers!

Echo Day is The Leader's managing editor. To contact her, call 901-476-7116 or email