A former investigator was acquitted Wednesday after his drug possession case went to trial in Tipton County Circuit Court.

Brent Chunn, 41, who is also a former narcotics investigator, was indicted a year ago and charged with 28 counts of simple possession or casual exchange of a schedule VI drug and one count of tampering with evidence after it was alleged he erased his phone.

The indictment reported agents alleged from January 2017 through January 2018, Chunn had been involved in purchasing marijuana from an individual known by law enforcement to be involved in the sale of illicit drugs.

Wednesday afternoon, however, Judge Joseph Walker III directed the verdict and granted a judgment of acquittal, meaning he believed the state did not meet the burden to allow a jury to decide Chunn’s guilt. 

“It was moving to see justice prevail and have Mr. Chunn acquitted on all counts,” said attorney J. Barney Witherington. “Brent and his family suffered a great deal throughout this process, and it was an honor to be able to fight for him on his day in court.” 

Chunn’s position with the public defender’s office was filled after he was indicted. 

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