drs. drive

Men do some sidewalk work on Doctors Drive earlier this week. Houses are going up and the street will be repaved this summer.

There’s a lot of road work and construction going on in Munford right now, as anybody who has driven on or near Doctors Drive has certainly noticed.

Work began in January on a residential housing project and things are moving along quickly.

The 15-acre lot, which was rezoned from business to residential early in 2018, will have 29 single-family patio homes and 24 townhouses when all is said and done. The lot has been cleared over the past few months and curbs, driveways and streets within the development can now be seen from McLaughlin and Doctors Drive. The homes will wrap around the northeast corner of those two streets.

Munford Mayor Dwayne Cole said homes will going up later this month.

The townhomes will be marketed to people 55 and older.

While this is going on Doctors Drive, which has been in disrepair for some time now, will be repaved. Cole said that project will begin soon and scheduled to be completed by early August, at the latest.

“To answer any criticism that we ought to wait until it’s (home construction) done, well, we’re assured by our engineer that we have built a deep enough base that it will handle trucks and construction equipment, so we are proceeding,” Cole said.

The streets in Glenview Esates, an eight-street neighborhood on the west side of Munford, are currently being repaved.

In business news, Cole said the Munford Planning Commission has approved a plan to construct a Car Wash USA at the southwest corner of Munford Avenue and Highway 51. A Bumpers drive-in restaurant was there for many years in the 1980s and 1990s, but it has been vacant for many years since then.

The Mexican restaurant Margaritas opened late last month at its new location on Highway 51, just north of the new car wash location.

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