Munford will have a new public works director in a few days.

George Watson, who has served as a Munford alderman since being elected in 2016, will step down from that role Feb. 25 and take over his new role as public works director the following day.

He replaces Mark Walker, who has been the town’s public works director since 2013.

Walker started working for the department 29 years ago and served in various roles over the years before ascending to the department’s top spot six years ago.

Munford Mayor Dwayne Cole made it clear that no “impropriety” led to the change and said Walker has been invited to stay with the department in a different role.

“It’s a management decision,” Cole said. “We have made it clear to him that we would like him to stay on. I have made it clear to him.”

Watson’s term as alderman has a little less than two years remaining. The Munford Board of Mayor and Aldermen will appoint a person to serve out his term before someone is elected in 2020.

Cole said Watson is a retired master chief from the Navy who has been in charge of the maitnenance department at AutoZone for the past 11 years. He will leave AutoZone to take his new job as public works director.

“His organizational skills are the main thing he brings to the job,” Cole said. “His skill set includes leadership and organizational management.”

The public works department oversees the town's water, gas and sewer systems and street maintenance.

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