Currently The Leader's managing editor, Echo Day is an 11-year veteran of the paper.

Thursday, Aug. 2 was Election Day in Tipton County. We traveled around and snapped candid shots of candidates and their supporters making a last-minute push for votes. 

The polls have closed and numbers are expected soon. Check back for results. 

Rusty Wooten

Rusty Wooten greeted voters at the Northeast Covington poll at Canaan M.B. Church.

Michael Naifeh campaigns

Covington Fire Chief greets voters at the Southeast Covington polls, which are located at the National Guard Armory on Mueller Brass Road.

Tommy Dunavant and family

Tommy, Beth and Brad Dunavant campaign at the Southeast Covington location.

Chris Fisher and Christal Hardwick

Chris Fisher and daughter Christal Hardwick campaign in Southeast Covington.

Kristie Glass Maxwell

Though unopposed, Kristie Glass Maxwell still visited the polls and chatted with voters.

Courtney Fee

Dr. Courtney Fee, Coach Bob and Jen and Lizzie Tyler greet voters in Mason's Austin Peay precinct at Greenleaf Community Church. 

Poochie Twisdale

Mr. and Mrs. Harold "Poochie" Twisdale greet voters in Mason.

Craig Fitzhugh

Sarita Alston and Deborah K. Reed, who's running for State Executive Committeewoman, campaign for Craig Fitzhugh in Mason.

David Turner family

The David Turner family greets voters in Mason.

The Larry Vanderbilt family

The Larry Vanderbilt family campaigns in Mason.

Walker Adams campaigns

Walker Adams and supporters chat with voters in Atoka.

Darry Marshall

Darry Marshall campaigns in Atoka

John and Rebecca Harber

John and Rebecca Harber greet voters in Atoka.

Mr. and Mrs. John DeLancey

Mr. and Mrs. John DeLancey greet voters in Atoka.

Stephen Shopher and family

Stephen Shopher, daughter Willow, wife Jennifer and supporter Ansley Ecker campaign in Atoka.

Mike Sterling family

Mike Sterling's wife and daughter, Lindsey, campaign in Atoka.

Chris Armstrong

Chris Armstrong greets voters at the Wilkinsville polls.

Cecil Watson and family

Cecil Watson and family campaign at Wilkinsville.

Pancho Chumley

Sheriff Pancho Chumley, running unopposed, visits with voters in Wilkinsville.


Belinda Rozell and James Lamont Sneed campaign at Wilkinsville.

Carl Knight

Carl Knight poses with his campaign sign at Wilkinsville.

Jimbo Adkins and Conneye Albright

Jimbo Adkins and Conneye Albright, a Fitzhugh supporter, campaign in Drummonds.

Shugs Stroud, Joyner, Michelle Smith

James "Shugs" Stroud, Richard Joyner and Michelle Smith greet voters in Drummonds.

Steve Bringle

Steve Bringle campaigns at Garland.

Jeff Mason

Jeff Mason greets voters in Garland.

Richard Kelley family

Richard and Charlotte Kelley and supporters make a last-minute push at Garland.

Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson campaigns in Munford.

Glenn Turner

Glenn Turner greets voters in Munford.

Copeland in Brighton

David Copeland campaigns in Brighton

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