Unlike other races (Blackburn vs. Bredesen, etc.) that have featured multiple attack ads from both sides, the race for governor between Democrat Karl Dean and Republican Bill Lee has been very civil.

In on television spot, Lee called his opponent a "good man."

That attitude was on display last Friday when Lee spoke to 111 people at the Munford Fire Station. He didn't bring up any of the names of Democrats (Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters) that many Republicans like to boo at events like this.

"We talked about it, my wife and I, from the very beginning," Lee said after the event. "We knew that I wanted to run a positive campaign and talk about the things that were on my heart and my vision for the state and I've tried to stay committed to that."

The focus of his talk, and most of his campaign, were three things he wants for Tennesseans: good jobs, good schools and safe neighborhoods.

"I believe that no matter where you live in the state, those things are universally true," Lee said. "That's going to be the focus of my efforts as governor."

He talked about an "accelerated transformation" for West Tennessee and his plans to make agriculture a priority.

"I want my life to be used in the best way it possibly can," he said. "Tennessee can lead the nation and we can show other states how to do it."

Congressman David Kustoff, Rep. Debra Moody, Sheriff Pancho Chumley and Munford Mayor Dwayne Cole also spoke at the event, which lasted about 30 minutes.

"The thing about Bill Lee," Kustoff said, "is he understands West Tennessee."

Said Moody: "You have one job and that's to vote a straight Republican ticket."

Jeff Ireland is The Leader's sports editor. To contact him, call 901-476-7116 or email jireland@covingtonleader.com.​