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Forty-six members of the Munford High FFA chapter attended and competed at the 91st Tennessee FFA State Convention in Gatlinburg March 24-27.

Throughout the year the chapter placed first or second in the regional events, qualifying them to compete in the state contest in the following events: Parliamentary Procedure, Agriculture Communications, Agriculture Sales, Agriculture Marketing Plan and Agriculture Issues. The chapter also competed in events which did not have regional qualifying events. These were Food Science, Meats Evaluation, FFA Quiz Bowl and Farm Business Management.

The chapter won a state championship in Parliamentary Procedure, Agriculture Sales and Agriculture Communications. Team members:

 Parliamentary Procedure – Garrett Crisp, Abigail McConnell, Haley Wilson, Autumn Bone, Rose Greuling, Raegan Alvey

 Agriculture Sales –Brydon McKowen, Ashleigh Cantrell, Abigail McConnell and Haley Wilson

 Agriculture Communications – Victoria Auth, Abigail McConnell, Haley Wilson and Kelsey Max

Team members and placings for the remaining contests were:

Agriculture Issues – third in state – Ashleigh Cantrell, Mark Cononico, Brydon McKowen, Katherine Crow, Mia Matanane, Garrett Crisp, Emma Tomaszewski

Farm Business Management – Garrett Clowes, Emma Tomaszewski, Ashleigh Cantrell, & Mark Cononico

FFA Quiz Bowl – Madison Naylor, John Dylan Conrad, Rose Greuling, Angellina Hafley

Agriculture Marketing Plan – State Runner – Up – Autumn Bone, Tori Chapman, & Raegan Alvey

Meats Evaluation – Brydon McKowen, Angellina Hafley, Mia Matanane and Devan Swain

Food Science and Technology – Abigail McConnell, Angellina Hafley, Hannah Hill, & Kelsey Max

In addition to competing in nine contests at the convention, Munford FFA members were named State Winners in eight FFA Proficiency award areas. The winners were:

 Katijane Shoffner – Agriculture Communications

 Johnathan Yarbrough – Agriculture Mechanics Design and Fabrication

 Ricki Andrew Whitehead – Agriculture Mechanics Repair and Maintenance

 Amy Sanders – Small Animal Production

 Autumn Bone – Food Science and Technology

 Brydon McKowen – Diversified Livestock

 Tori Chapman – Sheep Production

 Garrett Clowes – Environmental and Natural Resources

While at the convention 36 members of the Big Boll FFA competed in the State Agrisciece Fair. Agriscience Fair recognizes student researchers studying the application of agricultural scientific principles and emerging technologies in agricultural enterprises.

Of the 36 students competing, nine were state runners pp and 10 were state winners.

State runners up were:

Brydon McKowen and Abigail McConnell – Animal Systems - Division 6

Hannah Cantrell – Food Products and Procession – Division 3

Jack Beckman and Jamie Naylor – Food Products and Processing – Division 4

Kayla Chapman and Kaila Crocker – Plant Systems – Division 6

Landon Jackson and Tyrone Smith – Power Structure and Technical Systems – Division 4

State winners were:

 Emma Tomaszeski and Tori Chapman – Animal Systems – Division 4

 Kelsey Max and Garrett Clowes – Environmental and Natural Resources Systems – Division 6

 Angellina Hafley – Food Products and Procession – Division 5

 Haley Wilson and Autumn Bone – Food Products and Processing – Division 6

 Jocelyn Brumment and Katherine Crow – Plant Systems – Division 4

 Ashleigh Cantrell – Power Structure and Technical Systems – Division 5  

Kelsey Max was recognized as the West Tennessee Star in Agriscience and 17 members of the Munford FFA Chapter were awarded the State FFA Degree while at the convention. This is the highest award the State FFA Association can bestow on a student. Munford students receiving this honor were: Abigail McConnell, Tanner Tate, Melanie Adkins, Kaila Crocker, Kelsey Max, Garrett Clowes, Devan Swain, Cody Crook, Angellina Hafley, Katijane Shoffner, Brydon McKowen, Amy Sanders, Shannon Pierson, Shelby Pierson, Courtney Garrett, Colton Harris and Victoria Auth

Three Munford High seniors were awarded scholarships:

 Kelsey Max – Ted Turner Scholarship for $500

 Abigail McConnell – Ned McWherter Scholarship for $500

 Brydon McKowen – Romey Neisler Scholarship for $500

Brianna Reams represented the Munford FFA Chapter as a State Officer Candidate at the 91st State FFA Convention.

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