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Something new popped up this weekend. 

“It’s something that we have been talking about for a little while and we wanted to surprise them,” said Covington mayor Justin Hanson. “It’s really hard to surprise them when you wanted to reconfigure your design on a water tower.”

And still, not very many people noticed the SportsCenter logo and two names added to the west side of the downtown tower. 

Pictures started popping up on social media Monday. 

“They did it last week,” Hanson said, noting the work was done by Suez, which maintains and paints all of the city’s water towers. They also power-washed it at no extra cost.  

And speaking of cost: ESPN actually footed the bill. 

“They contacted us a month ago … they said, ‘Here’s the design we’re thinking about. We wanted to honor the team.”

The names Kyle Ginn and Coach Warmath were painted under the SportsCenter logo.

In May, Ginn and the story of the 2019 Charger baseball team made Scott Van Pelt’s “The Best Thing I Saw Today” after Ginn hit a two-run homer to help win the state championship. He’d sat out all of his senior year with a torn ACL. 

This came just months after Brad Warmath spent several weeks in ICU at the beginning of the season. While this, his wife Paige fainted; she was later diagnosed with glioblastoma. Their oldest son, Ty, is a pitcher on the team.

Video clips of Ginn’s home run went viral, making it all the way to ESPN.

Hanson, when he found out what ESPN wanted to do, asked them to pay for it. 

“We have the contract with Suez and so we brokered the deal to make it happen. It’s great because we obviously wanted to recognize the state championship and we were trying to figure out how to do that. We didn’t just want a sign on the highway. This worked out great.” 

The water tower’s new design will be officially unveiled at a later date.

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