D9 - David Copeland

Thursday, March 21 county commissioners David Copeland and Jonathan Murphy will host a community awareness forum for the citizens of district 9 at Brighton Community Center.

The purpose of this forum is for citizens of district 9 to have a place to both be informed of local goings on and to voice their community concerns to their elected officials. 

Commissioners Copeland and Murphy want the citizens whom trusted them with their votes, to know that they have total transparency in them. 

As a team, they want to hear from the citizens of District 9. They want to hear what concerns they citizens have and find workable solutions to their issues. 

Commissioner Copeland said of the citizens in his district, “I am their voice.” 

He wants feedback from the citizens to help do the job they elected him to do. “This is an us position,” he said, “Let’s do this together.” 

For newly-elected commissioner Copeland working with the citizens, to be their voice on how they can fix issues together is his goal in serving District 9. 

He hopes that these community forums help get citizens involved by hearing their concerns and educating the public on the process of government. 

Commissioner Copeland wants to hear from the citizens on how they can fix things together. 

The event will take place at 7 p.m. Sherriff Pancho Chumley will be speaking as will other local elected officials. 

Echo Day is The Leader's managing editor. To contact her, call 901-476-7116 or email eday@covingtonleader.com.