It’s a pretty last Sunday in August afternoon and I’m stuffed!

We had our Annual Watkins Reunion today and the only thing that went wrong was that loyal readers Nan and Eddie Fleming couldn’t make it! Otherwise, we had almost 30 to attend, three new baby boys, two toddler girls and local relatives along with relatives from out of town we only see at the reunion. Lots of great food and company, lots of pictures taken. Wonderful afternoon!

James got his procedure done last Tuesday and we did something we never did before. He was put to sleep and we came home after he recovered! I always take a bag when he’s being put to sleep because for some reason or another, he always stays at least one night!

This week’s Farm Report:  Cotton is popping open, beans are turning yellow and corn is “drier by the hour!” Clint and lots of help are getting the combine ready, haulers have been called and it won’t be long before the harvest begins!

On our prayer list at the Covington Church of Christ are Vicky Mayfield, Jimmy Coats, Al Chaney, John Dickey, Rosie Barnes, Houston Hall and so many friends and relatives of our members, like Jackson Hughey, and all of our servicemen and women.

Happy Birthday this week goes to Brad Evins, Pat Gatlin, Fay Hazlerig and Holly Carol Hodge on Aug. 27, to Pat Stephenson on the 28th, to Aniston Bringle and McKinley Bringle on the 31st and to Andrew Evans, David Watkins and Leah Max on Sept. 1!

Happy anniversary to Wayne and Charlene Dalrymple on Aug. 31 and to Rusty and Denise Cartwright on September 1st!

We were all shocked to learn of the sudden passing of Rick Langston, just a few weeks after he moved from here to Oklahoma, where he was remodeling the Langston homeplace. He died in his sleep and his funeral is in Oklahoma Tuesday. His parents and children are in our prayers. He will be missed so much by so many.

Happy birthday at Clopton United Methodist Church to Brent Seay on Aug. 30!

Clopton has been having their August camp meetings so no bulletins. I should have news from them next week, thanks to Marion Davis!

“Thanks for Reading” this week goes to Jack Haywood and to Christie Jarvis on Facebook! Sa-lute!

This week’s Farmer’s Almanac Quote: “A swarm of flies is called a business.” Go figure that one out!

Well, the book should be finished this week and sent off after a little more proofreading. One more story I want to get. Who knew how many stores around the Square have paranormal activity going on? I never suspected it but will notice my surroundings more in the future!

It’s back in the 90s this week so stay cool. September will arrive Saturday – my favorite month of the year! I may start decorating for Fall. And yesterday it was just four months will Christmas!

Until next week . . .

Jeff Ireland is The Leader's sports editor. To contact him, call 901-476-7116 or email jireland@covingtonleader.com.​