Alvin and Cindy Plexico

Married for 30 years, Cindy and Alvin Plexico met after she randomly dialed his number one night. 

Sometimes, it’s not love at first sight, but love at first sound, as is the story of Alvin and Cindy Plexico.

It was an early May night, May 9, to be exact, and a 19-year-old Cindy was sitting at home with her friend Tammy. Bored, they decided to randomly call phone numbers with the prefix to Texas Tech, a college nearby.

Tammy and Cindy took turns making phone calls, until Tammy happened upon Alvin.

Alvin, 18, was in his dorm room, celebrating the end of the school year with a pizza party, when he answered the phone. The two immediately hit it off, simply over the phone, and Alvin and his friends decided to leave their dorm and go meet Tammy and Cindy. 

Alvin was so taken with Cindy that he attended church with her the next morning, and then the two spent the entire day together, and then their official first date was Tuesday, May 12. 

Alvin was in the Navy ROTC, and was required to be deployed for the summer, so shortly after their first date, he left for time on a submarine. While there, he sent Cindy “family grams,” little letters of 25 words or less, to keep in touch, which is how they corresponded for the three months he was away. 

The two married on Sept. 3, 1988, and have just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. 

When asked what struck her about Alvin, Cindy said that he’s funny and “such a nice guy, a gentleman.” 

The Plexicos have two daughters. Shiloh, born in ‘93, and Savannah, born in ‘95. Shiloh married in 2016, lives in Georgia,  and both  she and her husband are in the Air Force. Savannah is engaged and studying for her masters in social work. 

Since marrying, the Plexicos have lived in Texas, Rhode Island, Virginia, Indiana, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Washington, D.C. and moved to Atoka in 2006.

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