elaine watkins

It’s a cloudy 69 degree Sunday – love the temperatures but not the clouds!

This week’s farm report: We have gotten 2.13 inches of rain since Thursday – when we started shelling corn – in the same field, three different days and rained out every afternoon! We don’t need any more hurricane rain!

Cotton has been defoliated in a lot of fields and soybeans are really turning yellow. We will get this harvest done – we always do!

Doctor visits continue – James went to his heart doctor Wednesday and doesn’t go back for six months – yay! Dentist Tuesday and he will be through for September!

Courtney had two out patient surgeries this past week but is doing well. I stayed over there Friday and Saturday during the day and helped out. We ate lunch there after church today, that Clint picked up in town. She will be back on her feet and at work in no time!

On our prayer list at the Covington Church of Christ are LaVerne Baxter and Hadley Mason, Jimmy Weir, tests, John Dickey, Rosie Barnes, Houston Hall and so many friends and relatives of our members, like Jackson Hughey, and all of our servicemen and women.

Sympathy is extended to Delores Whaley in the death of her uncle, Bert Benson. And to Jacob and Jamie Chandler in the heart-breaking passing of their little baby girl last week. Prayers go out for all of them.

The birthday party at River Terrace will be at 2 p.m. on the 15th. The devotional at Covington Care will be at 4 p.m. on the 16th.

Happy birthday this week goes to Andy Whaley on Sept. 9, to Kristie Maxwell and Shirley Laxton on the 12th, to Bonnie Glass on the 13th, to Christie Coughlan on the 14th and to Jake Hodge on the 15th!

Happy anniversary to Robert and Jacque Trimm on Sept. 9, to David and Sherri Kidd on the 12th and to Matt and Kristin Sallee on the 13th!

Happy birthday at Clopton United Methodist Church to Doris Twisdale on Sept. 10, to Mistie Carver and Dalton Roberts on the 13th and to Mickey Johnson on the 14th!

The worship committee thanks everyone who helped make the Camp Meetings in August a success – many have already expressed a desire for this series to return next year. Let them know your thoughts and ideas!

From the Covington-Tipton County Chamber of Commerce : Heritage Day is Sept. 22 with Farm to Table Dinner on the 20th at The Manor at Mount Carmel. Scarecrow forms have to be turned in by the 14th and scarecrows installed between the 24th and 29th. Voting is through Halloween.

From the Tipton County Museum: Party with Pollinators is Friday at 6 p.m. It is free with herb-themed refreshments. Plein Air Art Experience is Sunday the 16th from 2 – 4 p.m. Pleasurable painting will be held on the grounds.

This week’s Farmer’s Almanac quote: “The wider the brown stripe on a banded wooly worm caterpillar, the milder will be the winter.”

I saw a solid tan one the other day – yikes!

Thanks for reading goes to Emma Stanifer. Salute!

Jeff Ireland is The Leader's sports editor. To contact him, call 901-476-7116 or email jireland@covingtonleader.com.​