Greetings -

There is not much to tell you today. Locally all seems well. As long as the bottom doesn’t drop we’ll hold our breaths.

Now for the news.

On  Sunday morning Minister Willie C. Farrow, member of God’s Grace Gospel Church at Jamestown, brought his first sermon. He’s the husband of Sis Gloria Sherrill Farrow. They live in Covington. Our prayers are with them, especially him  as he embarks upon this profounded Christian journey. His pastor is Rev. O Pearl Andrews.

After service we went to be with Pastor Steven Miller of North Star in Memphis. They celebrated his 60th birthday beginning with an elegant dinner for him at Plantation Oaks Inn, also in Memphis.

After their morning service, North Star served dinner for all of their guests. Pastor and Mrs. Miller also were celebrating the church’s 20th anniversary.

Afterwards an evening program featuring messages by Pastor O. Pearl Andrews with several lovely musical selections by the church’s choir. This service was at 2 p.m. Congratulations Pastor and Mrs. Stevens Miller Sr. and North Star’s family on 20 years of devoted service.

The high school class from George R. Ellis in Munford is all geared up for its 50th reunion, which is this October.

I’ll have some more information on this one next week, but one of our sisters came out then. Joann Burton is really excited.

There will be several upcoming birthdays around town, however most I do not know. If you’d like me to print your birthday information, please feel free to call me at 901-644-5886, okay?

On our prayer and sick list is Samuel Gray Jr., who is back home after recovering from a light stroke. He live in Milwaukee. Also Doris DeBerry of Milwaukee is recovering very well after knee surgery. She’s also back at home. Their parents are originally from Jamestown. Her mother is is Lucille Burton Wright and his father is Samuel Gray Jr.. The love The Leader!

Also still in prayer for Ruth Alson, Rudolph Boykins, Lula Cook Mason, Julie Cook Alston, Pastor Kevin King Jr., Carl Gaskin, Connie Brown, Christina Armstrong Brown, Juanita Ford, Pastor and Mrs. W.E. Gatlin, Jessie Lawson, Ther’on Alston, Eric White, Jude Sherfield, Cortez Lee, Mary Burton, Mary Ballard Fletcher and Nadene Dickerson sr., Terrance “T” Sherrill and family, Niki Sherrill and Temika Burton and family. Also a big shout out to one my faithful readers, also now in Milwaukee and formerly of Jamestown, Mrs. Rhonda Gail Heaston-McLin and family. Thanks for reading me every week, my beautiful sweet cousin.

That’s all for now. Remember, “Every shoe doesn’t fit and every walk is different!”

Happy Labor Day!!

Until next week …

Jeff Ireland is The Leader's sports editor. To contact him, call 901-476-7116 or email​