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Letters to the editor

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Thankful for safe bus drivers

Dear editor, 

I want to commend the bus drivers for their quick actions in keeping our children safe while en route to school on Monday, April 28. With the weather conditions turning quickly from a watch to warnings there was little time. One driver in particular was a substitute and she took her students to Atoka Elementary School for safety. Thank you to all of TCS employees for keeping the students safe. 


A thankful and relieved parent, 

Shannon Boothe



Beware of those who deceive

In Romans16:17-18 the Bible teaches us to be aware of those who deceive the hearts of the naive and who causes divisiveness and dissension.  I recently heard this in a sermon and the message seems so currently relevant with regards to our elected leaders and the news media.  

It rang true as I read an opinion letter in The Commercial Appeal (March 12, 2014).  The writer voiced opposition to FOX News coverage of current events and attempted to mock FOX viewers as “uninformed drinkers of Kool-Aid.” Unlike him, I am a FOX advocate and tolerant of those with opposing views.

I do watch other news broadcasts.  I subscribe to The Commercial Appeal and to The Leader. So, I get world, national, regional and local news coverage.  I try to stay informed.  I liken FOX News as the fox guarding the henhouse in a positive manner.  When the “journalistic henhouse” is filled with chickens such as ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and The Commercial Appeal, I feel comforted knowing FOX is there reporting BOTH sides of EVERY news event.  

In every henhouse there is a rooster.  The rooster here is the Associated Press.  This rooster starts each morning “crowing” about left-leaning stories and the talking points to be regurgitated by the rest of the flock.

The discussion regarding the quality of information provided by our news sources illustrates the warning mentioned in the scriptures.  I would hope my adversary(ies) will take heed and resolve to listen and learn, pull heads from the sand, and be informed.  Don’t drink anyone’s “Kool-Aid.”  

Let us work together to heal the wounds of dissension and divisiveness already caused by those who would deceive the hearts of the naïve.


Bill Wallace  



Believing in Obama

After reading public opinion from a Bill Wallace from Covington in last week’s paper, I had a good strong laugh before it hit me that there are still people in this world, ones that think like Bill Wallace. 

Don’t mess with Bill? Well, I’m going to! Bill, as you know, this is America. The new modern day America, where any American can be or do whatever they choose to, as long as it’s within the law. And in this America, anyone, no matter the race, creed or color, can sit in the highest chair in this land, the office of the President of the United States of America. Where, if elected in a general overall election, is and will be able to occupy that seat and to run this country to the best of his or her ability.

Yes, Bill, our country is in peril; it is dangerously divided, but no, you cannot blame FOX News. They only bring it as they receive it. Even if, I feel after hearing them at times, down on the president. If he says red, they say black. 

Millions of other Americans, the majority who elected president Obama, believe in him, and feel he makes and has made some good choices during his time in office. Regardless of whether you voted for him or not, as he’s said many times, “He’s all of our president.”

I did not often agree with both of the Bush Administrations, but I never did dare to bad mouth them, especially in public or in print. Because they were elected as our leaders good, bad or whatever, they did or did not to suit overall America. 

Bill, it’s time for you to be a bigger man, stop the name calling of our president and our elected officials up in Washington. 

Stop comparing him or them to other world leaders. Just pray for them daily and allow God to set America straight in every way. With God, all things are possible.

I am over 65, Bill. Yhere’s been a few presidents on my watch, some I just adored and some I couldn’t wait for them to step down! And yes, even with them ruling over America, at times we were in perils, unevenly divided and often in major decline, on their watch. 

In conclusion, Bill, I agree with you on some of what you’ve said: “We do need to pull our heads out of the sand” and love all as Americans under whosoever’s watch in the oval office. Should be it’s time we grow up and drink whatever flavor of Kool-Aid we enjoy and be true Americans. 


DarSay Burton

Tipton County


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